Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is an application line of membership services available from Microsoft as a part of their Microsoft Office suite. These are subscription services, which provide users with an online email address and password. Members receive the latest versions of Microsoft Office programs, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Skype for free. This allows them to take their productivity to the next level.

Microsoft Office 365 offers many features that make work easier. With features such as task management, calendar, and address book integration, there are several ways in which users can improve their productivity. The plan requires at least five computers for each user, which limits users to a specified number of computers per user professional plus one primary computer. This limits the amount of work each person can do on his or her primary computer, but this limit is far less than the number of licenses a company needs to have.

The service also offers access to MS Outlook, which is the email client within Microsoft Office. The Outlook service allows a user to send email to up to five users at the same time. This is made possible through the use of Microsoft’s email server technology. Additionally, mail and calendar synchronization is supported, which enables all employees to see their daily activities and set reminders, calendars, and tasks in real time.

There is no single sign-on process for Microsoft Office 365.

Instead, there is a process that involves signing up for the Microsoft 365 service on the company’s website. Once a user has signed up for the service, a username and password are emailed to the user. Users may then log in to one of the following accounts:

Microsoft Business Solutions Online: This is the standard Microsoft Office 365 service, which is available at a fee of $8 per user per month. It provides five personalized accounts including the Microsoft Business Solutions Online. Two of the accounts are dedicated to the business user alone and the other two are used by individual users who want extra security with their identities. With the Microsoft Business Solutions Online, a user will have access to the Yammer social network and the Facebook Like feature.

Microsoft Business Solutions Personal: This plan costs only $8.50 per month to use. Personal plans allow users to manage their business through emails, contacts, and scheduling tasks. With this service, Yammer and Facebook connections are disabled. There are four plans for personal users. The first two are the Business Success Plus and the Business Plus plans while the rest are the Personal Plus plans.

Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium: This is the third version of Microsoft Office 365. It costs $8.50 per month and is available on an annual subscription basis. The Home Premium version is equipped with Microsoft Office 365 Plus software that has features that are exclusive to the Home Premium version. You can also get this with a yearly subscription.

The advantage of using these Outlook Express email add on is that you get the added security from these two premier providers. You can either go for the Business or the Personal subscriptions. If you have no experience of working with the cloud platform, then it is wise to go for the Business Outlook subscriptions as they will save you from any risks of data loss or hacking while using the Microsoft Skydrive platform.

Microsoft Office 365 Education: This is the fourth major offering from Microsoft Office 365. It is also known as the eLearning or enterprise learning experience and is a complete suite of products that help business people grow and learn more. It is a subscription-based service which enables the users to access various educational tools including Microsoft Office and Visual Studio. With the help of these tools you can create new applications, design courses, deliver virtual classrooms and teach students in real world classes at the workplace or at any other location.

Microsoft Office 365 Services is offered by many companies at present.

Most of the companies offer access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Some of the companies also offer access to Microsoft Share Point and everyone. Microsoft SharePoint is an online document management system that enables business people to exchange documents easily. On the other hand, everyone is a digital voice recorder that enables you to take audio notes.

Now it has been decided that Outlook is the mail client of Microsoft Office 365, this was seen when MS Exchange decided to ditch email client for Outlook and vice-versa. However, there are several companies that are already offering mail client for Outlook like Microsoft Exchange Server, OneNote, Microsoft Works and many others.

  • Now with the help of email account you can check your mails, send emails and read emails any time you want.
  • And when you go for a subscription, you have to pay $10 every 30 days or according to your choice.
  • There are various types of Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions available like one TB of email, one TB of web access, one TB of mobile phone usage and many more.